kids sports



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So we’re a little bit impartial here, cause we love MMA in our house. But genuinely, put your kids into a jiu-jitsu program and watch the little buggers blossom. There’s no punching or kicking in this sport since it’s all self-defence, and it’s legendary for fostering mental and physical strength, determination, self-discipline, and a healthy sense of self-respect. There are mixed martial arts gyms everywhere in Canada, and some take little ones as young as 3 (see our own little Forbes here).

Archery. Only the bravest parents give their kids a bow and arrow, but the popularity of this sport has taken off quickly in the past decade due to Katniss and Legolas.  Kids will need to develop iron-level patience, concentration, stillness, and focus to be successful in this area. Visit to find out more. 

Water Polo. Finally a break from Marco. What kid doesn’t love the water? But make very sure that yours is already a good swimmer before considering this route. Water polo will certainly increase their swimming skills considerably, along with their aptitude for teamwork and communication. See

Futsal. Say what, now? This is a version of indoor soccer, great for the winter months (even though they seem far away right now), held in gymnasiums, using low-bounce balls, and smaller playing areas. This is the only indoor soccer recognized by FIFA and while we’re on that note, Ronaldo, Neymar, and Messi all claim that it impacted their future success. See for more information. 

Ninja. This one should be more common, but the Ninja gyms haven’t made their way to Canada at the dizzying speed they’ve been popping up in the US. If you happen to live in or near Woodbridge, Ontario you’re in luck. NINJAZ is an indoor gym with Ninja courses for kids and adults, along with warp walls so you can ‘Beat that wall!”.

What sports are your kids doing and loving? Share some photos with us so we can see them in action!